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We are all about the joys of education

We are all about the joys of education

Eagan Montessori Academy & Child Care Center

Our Histroy

We are the very first Montessori school in Dakota County and Eagan. Eagan Montessori Academy & Child Care Center was established in 1974, and we enjoy a fantastic reputation for the school's dedication to a strong academic program and an experienced staff dedicated to supporting students for their continued success.

Eagan Montessori Academy is a diverse and welcoming Montessori community that honors and guides lifelong learners as they create their own bold pathways in leading purposeful lives.

A child can only acquire the words he hears spoken around him. This is not teaching but absorption. The child is, by nature, hungry for words; he loves strange, long words like the names of dinosaurs and constellations. He takes in all these words without understanding their meaning, as his mind is still taking language in by a process of unconscious absorption.
-Dr. Maria Montessori

Why Montessori

This video provides an excellent representation of what sets the Montessori Philosophy apart. The primary goal of Montessori education is to help children reach their full potential. The Montessori Method of Education is supported by over a century of research and its foundation is recognized by developmental researchers, child psychologists, teachers, schools and colleges all over the world.

According to Maria Montessori, children carry within themselves an innate ability to become responsible and contributing members of society. In order to develop physically, intellectually and creatively, the child must have the freedom to achieve, through self-chosen work, in an environment which motivates activity and is rich with possibilities. Independence, concentration, coordination and a sense of order form the basic inherent qualities of development in a child. Montessori-trained teachers foster this growth through a prepared classroom environment of stimulating materials designed to encourage independence and self-discipline. The Primary curriculum honors self-paced growth and social cooperation. It includes the areas of art, practical life, peace education, sensorial impressions, language, reading, writing, mathematics, Science, cultural studies and introduction to abstract concepts in concrete form. These exercises help children develop fine and gross motor skills, phonemic awareness, literacy and numerical understanding. Class activities also foster a global perspective on nature and people including lessons on individual, social, and cultural celebrations.


1250 Lone Oak Road, Eagan, MN

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Eagan Montessori Academy & Child Care Center