Give Your Child a Jumpstart in Their Education

About Our Montessori School

At Eagan Montessori Academy, we provide your child with a nurturing and stimulating environment to help them learn and grow at their own pace. We have a passion and dedication to give children the education and care they need throughout every stage of their development. Our level of child care during these important stages of your child’s life will help shape their minds, allowing them to explore, be curious, and learn in an environment they feel comfortable in. We offer a number of different early childhood education programs that teach your child everything from language and math to social skills and practical life skills. Learn more and get started on the admission process today.

Nurturing Environment

Ability to Learn At Their Own Pace

Teaches Practical Life Skills

Encourages Children to Explore Interests

What to Expect From Our School

When you enroll your child in our Montessori school, you can expect them to get the best possible start to their education. Our programs teach them the basics, such as math, languages, science, and geography, but we also offer a variety of activities that can help them grow new skills. Your child will also learn through music, art, games, and activities such as yoga. They will also participate in sensorial activities and learn practical life skills. Our stimulating and enriching environment allows your child to learn and grow, preparing them for the next phase of their lives.

Unique Classroom Style

While your child will learn through guided lessons, a significant part of Montessori education is allowing children to explore their natural interests and learn at their own pace. Your child will be able to do different activities that can help them learn how children are meant to learn. At Eagan Montessori Academy, we also provide our students with many hands-on learning experiences. Your child will be able to explore the world around them and continue to learn in natural ways.

Eagan Montessori Academy & Child Care Center