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About Our Infant Care Program

During the first three years of life, a child’s brain absorbs more information from their environment than at any other part of their lifetime. Every sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell is taken in and processed. It is an amazing, wondrous period in a tiny, complete human being’s life. At Eagan Montessori Academy, we offer an infant care program that can help them learn, grow, and develop in a stimulating and nurturing environment. We help give your baby the tools they need to begin to learn and create a solid foundation for the rest of their education.

Benefits of Our Infant Program

  • Allows for sensory, cognitive, language, and social development
  • Stimulating and nurturing environment
  • Caring and knowledgeable teachers
  • Time to interact with others
  • Prepares your baby for the next step in their life

Nurturing Environment

Ensures Healthy Development

Helps Build Strong Educational Foundation

Encourages Growth and Learning

Why Infant Care Matters

The routine tasks of infant care including feeding, diaper changes, and soothing them are of utmost importance to the baby’s emotional, cognitive, social, and physical development. It is through these routines that the first human relationships are formed. When they are performed with sensitivity to the infant’s individual rhythms and needs, it is more likely that the individual child will develop healthily.

Our teachers in our infant care program understand just how much your baby is learning and absorbing during these early years of life. We work hard to ensure they are getting the care they need to develop and learn. Our infant care program is for children from 6 months to 16 months old. This is an important time in their life and we take pride in providing them with the care they need to thrive.

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