About Our Eagan Montessori Academy

Give Your Child The Best Start to Education

About Our School

We are the very first Montessori school in Dakota County and Eagan. Eagan Montessori Academy was established in 1974, and we enjoy a fantastic reputation for the school's dedication to a strong academic program along with an experienced staff dedicated to preparing students for ongoing success.

Our Mission is to foster the growth and development of each child, emphasizing the "whole" child approach to education. Learn more about our school and programs, and be sure to contact us to schedule a tour today!

Allow Your Child to Thrive In Their Education

In our culturally rich center, children are welcomed, respected, and appreciated by our kind and experienced teachers. We understand that every child has a unique learning process, so we patiently observe and guide them individually and in small groups, allowing every child to grow and learn at their own pace. Your child will be given the tools and encouragement to learn in ways that work for them and to continue to explore their interests.

Our children intuitively enjoy the atmosphere of social cooperation and friendships. The beautiful campus highlights the fresh natural scenery that creates an exciting and safe learning environment as children learn to appreciate the world around them.

We have programs to help children learn from the time they are infants all the way to Pre-kindergarten. Our education programs are designed with our students in mind, with topics that are age-appropriate, and allow students to learn through discovery, knowledge, and curiosity, all at their own pace. Your child will love this learning environment and their freedom to learn in their own style and at their own pace.

With a mix of planned activities and time for children to explore their individual interests, your child will start to view education as something fun and special. They will love being able to take control of their education in our stimulating and nurturing environments. 

Our Montessori Program Include

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